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WebWiser Inc.
P.O. Box 404
Bayville, New Jersey
USA        08721-0404

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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
   10am-6pm EST
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
   by appointment only.

See our Calendar for holidays. Best time to contact us is 10am-1pm or 4-5pm.

Do Not Disturb Time 8-10am for WebMail, CS Routine Duties, etc.  

All business shall be conducted through telephone, fax, postal mail, email or other online interactivity. 

Walk-in service is NOT provided.

:: Telephone

Due to the amount of solicitations received by phone and fax, we only supply our telephone numbers to our clients or when it is required for other business related use (see quotations and consultations).

Telephone numbers are found on each final written quotation and signature contract. Customer support numbers are supplied with each invoice.

Faxes (incoming) are accepted by pre-notification only.

Unsolicited advertising telephone calls cause too many interruptions and can delay our client projects. We appreciate your understanding. 

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NO SPAM:: WebWiser has a
NO SPAM policy...

Unsolicited Emails, otherwise known as Junk Mail or Spam, are not open or read and deleted immediately. 

Don't waste our time-

Don't waste space in our mailbox-

Do NOT email us your Ads!

Why would anyone ever make a purchase or accept a service from a person or company that is rude and unwelcome? Think twice before spamming anyone.

Blank 'Subject' lines, unknown emails with attachments, emails sent in foreign languages, are usually grabbed by a Spam filter before we see it.

For Serious Advertisers, please send us your brochures or catalogs by regular USPS mail so we can review it at our leisure or save it for future purchasing use.

Thank you for understanding and joining us in trying to stop the SPAM problem on the Internet today!

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Special Notation

:: Clients:

Client Only Directory - requires user loginPlease go to your Client Only directory to email us at AOL, or
use the contact info shown on your invoice for FASTER replies! 

:: Reply Time

WebWiser Inc is OnlineEmails will be read and answered as soon as possible. It is not performed on a daily basis due to time constraints.

We do attempt to respond to all general questions within 2 business days, Monday through Friday (no legal holidays).  Quotation preparation time is longer and may be up to 7 days.  However during high volume periods our response time may be longer than stated on each submittal form page. Please understand and allow us ample time to respond. 

Thank you for contacting us! 


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