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Our criteria is 
simplicity and affordability.

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WebWiser Design Section

:: WebWiser Design 

Designing a web site can be a quick "fun to look at" site with a few pages, to a more serious "thought-out" site with a specific goal and special requirements for viewers. WebWiser has broken the Design process into various groups to assist you.  

We recommend that you read each Design group for information before beginning your new web project.

:: Web Site Design and Development: 

Please read each of the initial decisions you should make before proceeding to create a web site. The information will also assist you in a faster and more efficient web design:
    • Initial Web Design: Decisions.
    • Domain Names & Web Hosting: Get started!
    • Web Design & Development: The Process.
    • Graphics: Web Information & Guides.
    • Extras: Scripting, Flash/Animation, Multi-Media.
    • Marketing & Advertising: Obtaining Viewers.
    The Steps to Obtaining & Creating Your Own Web Site.


:: Web Quotation: 
The cost of design, redesign or additional web services depends on the individual requirements of your web project. 

  • Do you want an original web site creation, or would you prefer a customized template with your logo or photos included?

  • Is your web site for fun, information, marketing your company, or do you plan to sell products or services online?

  • Do you want Flash or other scripts added to your website?

Please review our site for ideas, suggestions, and informative steps so you can decide what your project requires before requesting a service.

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