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:: Company
WebWiser™ Inc. is a small web design & development company in Bayville, Berkeley Twp., in Ocean County, New Jersey.  Yes, we are located on the Jersey Shore by Barnegat Bay.
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WebWiser Inc. is a
Female owned & operated business.

:: Eileen
WebWiser Inc.'s Founder, CEO, and Chief Web Designer.

Eileen is a lesser-known but no less skillful artist and craftsman, with over 25 years of diverse business experience, a degree majoring in computer science, and more than 10 years working in Web Design,  Development and Programming.

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WebWiser Inc is Online
:: Message 

I want to personally thank you for your interest in WebWiser Inc., and visiting our web site.

I hope that you enjoy all that we have to offer online and can utilize the information to assist you with your future web site or web design project.

Founder and CEO
WebWiser Incorporated

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WebWiser Inc. - About our Company

:: WebWiser Inc. is 

WebWiser™ = Quality, Value, and Service since 1998


:: Our Criteria is Simplicity and Affordability

WebWiser Inc. believes that one of the most valuable assets, and what is ultimately responsible for the success of any business, is team players. We believe that the future growth of any business is dependent upon the team responsible for its success and their ability to adapt to each situation. WebWiser Inc. is committed to being a team player for your business. 

We know each environment is unique and forever changing in order to grow. We will be there to meet your objectives at all levels, and support management with each situation no matter how simple or complex. If we cannot supply the means for your project ourselves, then we will find someone on the outside to supply them for us. Although WebWiser, Inc is a small company, we subcontract others for larger projects in order to get the job done, while keeping you informed of all aspects of your project.

If you're seeking a loyal player to join your team, then look to WebWiser Inc.

:: What do we do?

We create unique web pages, or customize any template purchased from this web site. From designing original graphics to providing scripts and authoring content when needed. Our web design, development, maintenance and support is affordable. We welcome both business sites, and personal page requests, no matter what size.

:: Why hire a Web Designer?

Time. Time is money. Web Designers save you the time in creating and putting your web site online. Designers provide you with the originality you desire. Experience and knowledge is what the average person lacks in building a web site... read more.


:: Credentials

Today on the World Wide Web it's hard to feel confident choosing an online company for any type of service. 

When you read "expert credentials" it is usually considered sales jargon and meaningless -- What credentials can a company supply on the World Wide Web to provide a feeling of security before you choose them? 

We can state that we are "trained professionals" -- but who discloses the actual diplomas or certificates online? WebWiser's CEO has the diplomas and certificates for computer science and programming! Again, you can read that same remark everywhere online and it becomes a valueless statement. 

However, as a Web Design & Development company our work is published and viewable by all on the Internet. 

WebWiser provides our viewers with a visual portfolio of sample works and actual testimonials from the time we began our business in Dec. 1998 and incorporated in Feb. 1999. Our company name and link will be found on the web sites we created either on the Home page footer, or within the FAQ or Link sections of the client's site.  Please review our portfolio of various design work and client testimonials.

portfolio added soon...

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