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Our criteria is 
simplicity and affordability.

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The cost of design, redesign or additional web services depends on the individual requirements of your web project. 

Do you want an original web creation, or would you prefer a customized template with your logo or photos?  Is your web site for fun, information, marketing your company, or do you plan to sell products or services online? Do you want Flash added to your website?

Please review our Design section for ideas, suggestions, and informative steps so you can decide what your project requires before requesting a service.

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WebWiser Inc. is

:: WebWiser Inc. is 


:: WHY hire a Web Designer? 

Time. Time is money. 

Web Designers save you the time in creating and putting your web site online. Designers provide you with the originality you desire. 

Design is a creative function that is shared with the ideas of all of our clients' team players. Experience and knowledge is what the average person lacks in building a web site and what WebWiser can provide so you do not have to waste time with trial and error design -- Such as learning software, html, css, or various other coding required. 

A Full Service Web Designer is also a Professional Web Developer, as each job wears many hats -- Web Design, Development, Programming, Graphic Artist, Management, Maintenance or Updating, Marketing and more web services. 

VistaPrint - See Specials Building a Web page that displays perfectly on every browser and on every computer is the ultimate goal, but can be an impractical ideal. A Web Designer's experience puts this theory to the test ... What features can you rely upon and what features should you limit when building a web page? A Web Designer can recommend answers to many common web page errors that may occur.

Are you ready to start? 

Let WebWiser help you get ready by guiding you through each step of the website design process. Let's start with the basic "Steps". As you read the "Steps" you'll learn more with free how-to instructions and formation.  When you need assistance contact us for our web design, consultation, and customization services.

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